Debora Arellanes

Attendance Clerk
949-497-7750, ext. 1204

Welcome to the Attendance Office.  In order to be accurately accountable for every LBHS student, we strive to consistently adhere to the Education Code and attendance policies set forth in the Parent Student Handbook.  Please refer to the following policies when your child must miss any part of his or her school day.

If your child is absent:

Call 949-497-7750  press 1, wait for the prompt, press 1 again, and respond to the prompts.  You must call each day your child is absent. This is an Education Code Requirement. 

If your child must leave early from school:

Please allow enough time for the attendance office to retrieve the message and notify the teacher. Students MUST check out with the attendance and obtain an off-campus pass. 

If your child is not feeling well during school:

Students are to request a pass from their instructor to go to the health office.  Student is not to call guardian/parent from the classroom as this is a cell phone violation.  For more information, please refer page 24 of the Student Handbook. 

If your child will miss school for a scheduled extended absence?

10 days prior to the scheduled absence(s) student may request and submit for consideration and pre-approval, a Request for Extended Absence Form. For more information, please refer page 24 of the Student Handbook

Examples of excused absences

Illness, medical appointments, court appearance, school business including field trips and on-campus testing.  For more information please refer to page 22 of the Student Handbook

Examples of unexcused absences

Vacations, oversleeping, car trouble, child care and missed the bus.  For more information please refer to page 23 of the Student Handbook




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