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Laguna Beach High School offers a comprehensive school counseling program that recognizes each student is unique. Counselors are available to offer direction as students plan their academic futures. Starting in ninth grade, students work with their counselors to create a four-year academic plan that will lead to a career or to the university or college of the student's choice. Each year, the counselors help students continue to achieve their short-term goals, so they can ultimately meet their long-term aspirations. Counselors also provide confidential and supportive counseling and intervention as they foster independence and help students face emotional challenges.

The four-member Counseling Department values personal counseling and frequent contact with students. It is the desire of our counselors to personally connect with each student throughout the year. Students are encouraged to meet counselors before school, during break, at lunch, after school or to schedule an appointment during the day. Communication with students and parents is highly valued; and phone calls and e-mails will be returned within two work days. As students progress toward adulthood, students are strongly encouraged to become actively involved in all aspects of their high school career. Counselors help teach our students how to celebrate their successes and effectively deal with their disappointments.

Counselor Commitments:

  • Help students make healthy, independent decisions
  • Create plans of action toward obtaining goals
  • Encourage students through making personal contacts and demonstrating a vested interest in their strengths, talents, challenges and triumphs
  • Facilitate relevant grade-level specific discussions in small group settings
  • Ensure fundamental college preparation activities at each grade-level

Counseling Services Include:

  • Help with a tough decision or personal problem
  • Adjustment in classes and courses of study
  • Advice regarding educational programs or honors and AP classes
  • Assistance with improving grades or study habits
  • Discussion of academic strengths and weaknesses or special aptitudes
  • Information about college or university entrance requirements and applications
  • Interpretation of test results
  • Questions about graduation requirements, social events or school activities
  • References for a job, college applications or scholarships


Nichole Rosa

Nichole Rosa

Counselor, A-F
Angela Pilon

Angela Pilon

Counselor, S-Z
Eric Banducci

Eric Banducci

Counselor, M-R
Megan Humphreys

Megan Humphreys

Student Support Specialist
Alexis Mele

Alexis Mele

Counselor, G-L