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Visual Arts

Visual Art students will learn how to create both contemporary two-dimensional and three-dimensional artworks individually and collaboratively that show originality and visual design principles and studio habits of mind. Students will be able to develop an art process where they are aware of techniques tools and studio work ethic in the following pathways: Media Arts, Visual Arts-2D, Ceramics, and Graphic Design. Students will understand the interdisciplinary connections of visual design in everyday aspects of one’s life, and they will present a visual product that serves a consumer’s need. Students will interact with working professionals and learn about visual artists in contemporary society.

The following Graphic Design and Visual Arts/Commercial Arts CTE pathways are available for students:

  • Multimedia Production
  • Multimedia Design Honors
  • Multimedia Design Advanced
  • 3D Media Design
  • Art Production 2
  • AP Studio Art 2D Design
  • AP Studio Art Drawing
  • Art Entrepreneurship
Visual Arts Collage of Projects

Donations to the LBHS Art Department are welcome! Please make checks payable to LBHS, memo Art Department, Ceramics, Graphic Design, or Media Arts.

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