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Club Name Purpose President Contact
Aerospace educating and discussing current and future advancements in the aerospace field Russell Krychman
Animating FanFiction connecting students that have interest in 3d animation, design, youtube, and fictional characters Elle Smith
Art creating, discussing and enjoying art within the community Agata Shamis
Beach Clean-Up keeping beaches clean Parker Forgash
Breaker Team   Kirra Moore
Computer Science promoting, teaching, and sharing computer science Estella Newton
Connect Tech Laguna educating the elderly on scams, e-mail, facetime, and other tech Tyler Palino
Cookie bringing together new and returning students to a safe place to meet each other and have desserts Chris Hemsley
Creative Writing inspiring and encouraging creativity through writing, character/world building, and collaboration Scarlett Wheaton
D&D playing board games + other non-digital games Zachary Polaski
Debate encouraging LBHS students to participate in debates to garner better presentation and speaking skills Zoey Cutter
Film Club   Cruiz Lynn
FITE LBHS athletes giving back to the community and the sport they love Skye Cheney
FLOW inspiring others to better our environment Claire Anderson
Fund the Brain finding schools in need, reaching out to find a specific need, then fundraising to meet the need Natalie Sutton
Girls who Code   Sabrina Yang
Grateful Giving providing necessities to the homeless community Zoey Cutter
Homeless Helpers feeding and providing essentials to homeless persons in Laguna every Saturday Baylor Lund
Interact supporting worldwide community service efforts of Rotary International, provide service opps, promote connections to RYLA and LB Rotary Luke Bruderer
Jordan's League teaching kids with special needs how to play basketball in a fun, safe environment Oliver Rounaghi
Just Serve providing service to the community Ryner Swanson
K-Pop sharing and appreciating Kpop and giving members the chance to perform Alyssa Decker
Laguna Beach Brokers introducing interested persons to finance and trading with simulations/practice Ryan Ko
Laguna Beach Rescues volunteering with rescue animal adoption events Annabella Miller
Laguna Food Pantry   Caroline Bartlett
Laguna-Maasai Foundation running external fundraisers associated with MUN to raise funds for a tribal village in Kenya Henry Le
Literacy   Emily Shook
Mandarin promotion of the Mandarin language and culture Zoe Tranbarger
Medtac educating LBHS students with essential lifesaving medical practices Andrew Kelleher
Mock Trial learning the basics of legal proceedings and the opportunity to make a case in Mock Trial competitions Zoe Tran
Music Production deconstruct, enjoy, and create music Samuel Mendoza
NHS elevating the schools commitment to the values of scholarship, service, leadership, and character Zoey Cutter
OC Youth Heros serving underprivileged families and communities in the OC Caden baniassad
QSA helping to create a safe place on campus for everyone Tash Denny
Radio   Magdalene Yen
Red Cross Club serving the community through service, education, and leadership Molly Riehle
ROC a safe place to learn and talk about faith Chris Hemsley
Rugby promoting Rugby at LBHS Euan Latimer
sCCCs promoting social change, cultural education, and encouraging service opportunities Mila Rafaty
Shewoke creating a space to educate each other on current issues Kirra Moore
Social Justice Book Club educate the student body about various topics rooted in social justice Mila Rafaty
Strength in Numbers avoiding perfection and having a positive mindset while learning healthy ways to cope with life's struggles and anxiety Hayden Rohrer
Surfriders   Summer DiMaggio
Teamtutor an opportunity for community service by providing free tutoring Elaina Seybold
Walking for Water raising money to provide water and education to indigenous, landlocked countries Sophie Marriner
World Music   Chloe Chu
Worldwide Agricultural Permanence raising money through events to provide sustainable agriculture in Kenya Keira Hundhausen