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Current LBHS Clubs

Club Name Contact Email Address Advisor Purpose
Chess Kai Arellano Mrs. Quigley teaching chess and facilitating a place for those interested in the game to play and learn more
Fashion Hannah McCarthy Ms. Anderson safe place on campus where you can learn to express yourself through clothes, learn more about the industry, and predict upcoming trends
Coastal Cleanup Olivia Policastro Mrs. Johnson Helping to preserve our local beaches by picking up trash
Kpop Emma Reidinger Mr. Tu bringing fans of the game together to learn about Korean culture and dance
Engineering Logan Ribarich Mrs. Merritt Creating a community of like-minded individuals who seek to improve, expand, and explore their understanding and knowledge of engineering
JSA Agata Shamis Mrs. Hanson inspiring civic engagement and political awareness in students
Partner Dancing Anneka Neukomm Mrs. Brady learning how to partner dance with friends
Homeless Helpers Mary Fast Mr. Garvey feeding the homeless every saturday
Challenge Success George Saba Mrs. Wayne implementing challenge success goals and principles into our district on a class scale
Marine Club Channel Goddard Denton ocean environmental awareness
Club Roc Ashton Azadian Merritt providing a safe and supportive environment for students to grow in their faith, fellowship among faculty and students, and to involve students on how to be righteous on campus. 
Cookie Chris Hemsley Rosa bringing different people together to enjoy cookies of all types
SheWoke Shylee Roohian Hanson bettering the lives of marginalized communities affected by racism, sexism, homophobia, and any other prejudice
Social Change Mila Rafaty Garvey promoting social change, cultural education, and enganing in community service opportunities
Surfrider Lilie Kulber Holtz educating students about the importance of ocean conservation and participating/leading beach clean-ups, advocating for local policy, etc
Strength in Numbers Alex Wyman Hawkins informing kids about drugs and alcohol. Also want to give kids tips to help with mental health and pressure
French Kirra Moore Carrie celebrating and educating about French culture and food
Team Tutor William Coffey Hanson gathering together a group of students who are interested in tutoring middle school and elementary students who are having a difficult time with various subjects or would like extra help with homeworks. LBHS students receive volunteer community service hours, while middle and elementary school students receive personalized support.
Mandarin Chloe Chang Hsiao promoting and learning more about the language and culture outside of the classroom
QSA Louis Gourley Foster providing a safe space to support students part of the LGBTQ+ community
Art Colette Reed Porter learnig about and making club
Dungeons and Dragons Hunter Spencer Hunnicutt play dungeons and dragons in a relaxing and suportive environment
Rugby Euan Latimer Wittkop promoting the sport of rugby to students at LBHS
Walking for Water Luna Marriner Hanson rasing money to provide water wells and education to indigenous villages
Paws in the Quad Alexandra Keyser Brooker bringing therapy animals on campus to reduce student stress
Grateful Giving Jake Cutter Hsiao supplying the homeless population with necessary items 
Creative Writing Scarlett Wheaton Hunnicutt encouraging and facilitating students as they practice and explore their creative writing skills
NHS Mercer Janssen Anderson  promoting volunteerism in the community
Portuguese Language Club Theodore Coffey Hanson to learn Portuguese and learn the culture of Portuguese speaking countries
Amigos Alliance Hailey Weng Gonzalez allowing LBHS students to help at risk kids in Costa Rica practice english
FLOW Mael Metis Brobeck exposing students to a series of environmental stewardship events throughout the school year. The club will partner with local organizations to give students authentic experiences in the field
Clothing Exchange Ariana Bonni Sarsfield recycling unwanted clothing (from students/staff/etcz0 and donating them to different organizations/charity
Interact Club Odin Flores Wittkop supporting the world wide community service efforts of Rotary International, provide LBHS students with community service opporutnities and promote connections to Laguna Beach Rotary Club
Entrepreneurs Club Odin Flores Alvarez exploring innovative business ideas and inviting in local business speakers to learn about entrepreneurship and startup businesses
Finer Things Alexandra Keyser Hanson educating about influential artists and art movements as well as analyze art from the past and present