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Club Name Purpose President Contact
A.I. Club To create an environment for students to learn about how AI works and how to use AI Responsibly. Alexander Romine
Art Club - NAHS To give students who love art more than just one period a day to express their ideas. Mary Gardner
Babies Club To volunteer at daycares or help with any childcare responsibilities. Julia Foley
Baking Club To converse about recipes, and create a friendly and fun environment surrounding food. Po Andringa
Beach Clean Up Club To keeping beaches clean and make sure that no plastic or hazardous materials end up in our oceans. Parker Forgash
Buddy Club To make students at LBHS of all backgrounds and social groups feel comfortable and be a part of a group with no judgment. Jacqueline Saba
Business Club To bridge the gap between school and the real world by assisting local businesses and embarking on insightful visits. Kevin Hua
CASA To help raise awareness and ensure that children & youth in the foster care system have a voice and the services they need. Savannah Wald
Chess Club To provide a space for people to meet and play chess, along with other games and chess related activities. Alexander Romine
Chinese Club To promote and learn more about Chinese culture through food, traditions, celebrating holidays, and cultural activities. Aja Rose
Club R.O.C. To invite students in fellowship and to have a time for students to learn what it takes to be Righteous On Campus Sydney Novak
Coding Club to promote the teaching, learning, and sharing of computer science through projects and volunteer work. Estella Newton
Connect Tech Laguna To connect students with older adults at the Susi Q Center and peers to educate them on technology. Tyler Palino
Cookie Club To create a safe space on campus while sharing cookies! Mila Rafaty
Creative Writing Club To give a space where writers can write free, and discuss books we have recently read. Maris Morgan
Culture Club To learn about different cultures and celebrate traditions held across the world. West Corin
Debate Club To debate today's issues, politics (e.g. women's rights), and other relevant issues regarding high school students. Coco Black
DECA To give high school students hands-on experience in marketing, business, and entrepreneurship. Kevin Hua
Dungeons and Dragons Club To play the roleplaying dice game Dungeons and Dragons.  Zachary Polaski
Economics Club To prepare for Investment & Economics Competitions through weekly meetings where we learn about economics as a team. Kevin Hua kevin.hua@lbusd.or
Environmental Stewardship Club To gain better understanding of our ecosystem, and to take action to responsibly maintain a healthy ecosystem. Keanu Mir-Scaer
Fashion Club To learn and explore fashion. Aj Sladeck
FCA - Fellowship of Christian Athletes To reach and transform the lives of coaches and athletes through Jesus Christ and His church. Cailin Mulvaney
Film Club To bring together people with a shared interest and passion for film and film culture. Luxy Bynum
FLOW Club To help students gain a deep awareness of our unique natural environment and the value of mindful citizenship. Anoua Carrie
For Fashion Of Course To encourage students to discover their own selves and feel free to express themselves through a creative form of art. Ha-Jin Attenborough
Forever Free To tap into youth leadership skills and peer-to-peer relationships to raise critical awareness of human trafficking. Madeline Rootlieb
Girls Who Code To encourage girls and all other minority groups to pursue a career or interest in computer science. Maya Trengove
Gnarly Ocean Edits To meet once a week and discuss where we want to surf and what surf edit we want to make. Ranen  Seeck
Green Group To bring our student peers from all backgrounds into a fun and exciting social group Dane Bowers
Heart 2 Heart Around The World To help raise money for Ukrainian refugees to be able to afford mental health support due to their trauma from the War. Kate Hennessy
HOSA - Future Health Professionals To give an opportunity to future health professionals to learn about different aspects of the health care. Montana Vescova
Introduction to Engineering Careers Club To educate students about the different fields of engineering, the careers therein, and what a work day looks like in each field. Kamal Dimler
IT/Cybersecurity Club To discuss the fields of IT and cybersecurity, collaborate, and work towards certifications.  Lyric Hagen
Kpop To provide a safe place for fans to talk about kpop, and to entertain and bring the culture of Kpop to our pep rallies.  Chase Benson
Laguna Beach Rescues To volunteer at adoption events for rescue dogs in the Orange County area and maintain a safe environment for the dogs. Annabella Miller
Make a Wish To make the wishes of children diagnosed with critical illnesses come true Ally Notarianni
Maritime/Boating Club To spread awareness of maritime jobs and teach the skill of boating Chase Tyson
MedTac Global To inform and teach bystander emergency care for 8 leading causes of death


Mock Trial To combine performance-based, law-related education with tournament-style, academic competition. Zoe Tran
National Honor Society To engage in community service and the NHS Honor Code in our school environment and beyond. Mila Rafaty
OC Youth Heros To help students find local service opportunities and serve underprivileged families around Orange County. Caden Baniassad
Persian Club To learn about Persian culture and traditions. Lili Bazargan
Physics and Astronomy Club To foster an interest in physics and astronomy, and create projects to better understand the physical world. Aja Rose
Pickleball Club To have fun playing pickleball while furthering your skill in a very engaging sport. Dylan Katz
QSA - Queer-Straight Alliance To show support, representation, and activism for those in the LGBTQIA+ community and their straight allies. Alexander Elyazal
Red Cross Club To serve the community through mission-related activities while delivering lifesaving services of the Red Cross. Molly Riehle
Robotics Club To discuss modern robotics innovations as well as potential breakthroughs in the future. Matthew Lawsky
Rugby To establish rugby as an essential sport at Laguna Beach high school and to grow the game within our community. Skyler Schwarm
Skid Row Charity Club To collect donations of spare clothing and blankets for the homeless streets of skid row where homeless rates are high. Ashkaan Bonni
Social Justice Book Club To educate about social justice, activism efforts, and current events through literary and prose-based discussion. Mila Rafaty
Social Media Addiction Awareness  To educate the youth about the dangers of social media addiction.  Delaney Mangan
Speech and Debate Club To further people's ability to speak in front of crowds and voice their opinions in an educated manner. Olivia Brenes
Spikeball Club To help students have fun throughout the year, and get some fitness in as well. Gavin O'Neill
Strength in Numbers To advocate for student's mental health and for healthy life habits within our community. Jackson Lawsky
Surfrider To foster ocean awareness, plastic reduction, climate change awareness, and organize beach cleanups Summer DiMaggio
Theater Club To allow thespians who cannot take LBHS theater classes to participate in theater-related activities. Maris Morgan
Walking for Water To provide water in water-insecure places in India and Africa by fundraising money. Kate Cheng
Wellness Club To engage students in peer-encouraged self-care activities.   Piper Halpern
World Music Club To teach others about different cultures and their music through student-made presentations, games, and dances. Chloe Chu
Your Vote Matters To bring awareness of current affairs to LBHS students and to discuss national and international issues. Lili Bazargan
Youth and Beyond To advocate for a variety of causes as well as learning how to communicate, research, and write articles. Jaden Huang