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Transition Services

A critical component in the educational planning process for any student with a disability is transition planning. This occurs on or before a student’s 16th birthday. Transition planning helps students focus on their future goals post high school. Each student’s Individual Transition Plan (ITP) will be included in his/her IEP plan and will be developed based on Vocational Assessments and student desires. Quality transition planning promotes the ability in students to advocate for themselves, develop their own IEPs, and be aware of and able to apply the laws that mandate access and accommodations after they leave school, such as the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act.

The goal of the Transition Services Team is to support students with varying abilities to successfully transition from high school to college/career or an Adult Transition Program. Our program is enhanced via two specialized grants within our State to include Workability I (WAI) and the Transition Partnership Program (TPP).

WorkAbility I

The LBHS WorkAbility program is funded by the California Department of Education.  The WorkAbility team promotes the involvement of key stakeholders which include the student, family, teachers, employers and other agencies in planning and implementing an array of services that will assist high school students in special education with the transition from school to work, independent living and post secondary education. High School students ages 14- 22 years of age with an Individualized Education Plan are eligible for services. 

Services may include:

  • Vocational Assessments (career aptitude tests, interest profiles)
  • Career Preparation/Job exploration (knowledge of career options, training opportunities, post-secondary options)
  • Work-Based Learning (develop job skills through paid/unpaid internships, job shadowing)

Transition Partnership Program

The Transition Partnership Program is a cooperative agreement between local education agencies (LEA) and the California Department of Rehabilitation (DOR). LBHS TPP program provides services in five distinct service areas in an individual setting, the classroom, or in the community.

Services may include:

  • Job Exploration Counseling (career interest profilers/inventories, career speakers, labor market, non-traditional careers)
  • Workplace Readiness (soft skills, interview techniques, resume, job applications)
  • Work-based Learning (paid/unpaid internships, job shadows, workplace tours)
  • Instruction in Self-Advocacy (self-awareness, disability disclosure, accommodations, utilizing resources)
  • Counseling on Post-Secondary Education (college tours and fairs, explore post- secondary career/education options)

Students in special education ages 16-21 are eligible. The DOR vocational counselor determines final qualification for services. TPP services will be provided to students until no additional services are needed or they exit from high school. Certain students may be involved in transition discussions with DOR to determine next steps.

Adult Transition Program

Students ages 18 to 22 with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities who may not be working towards a High School Diploma may be eligible to attend an Adult Program following their High School experience. The District works with both Saddleback Valley Unified School District and Capistrano Unified School District to locate the best possible community based Adult Transition Program option for each student based on their needs. Both programs provide instructional and work-related activities that enable students to learn the proper work, personal, and social behaviors necessary for employment and independence. Students gain the confidence to make their own decisions, take personal responsibility for their own actions and gain knowledge of their rights as individuals.