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The mission of the CTE department at LBHS is to prepare students for college and career by engaging in 21st century skills-based curriculum. The department provides diverse pathways in multiple industry sectors to develop the academic and career readiness to continue onto college and career fields. With most courses UC a-g approved and also offering early college credits through articulation, the CTE department gives the students the strong academic preparation to continue their learning in the career field they pursued in high school.

To see all the CTE courses available during the bell schedule on campus and courses available after-school on and off campus, please check out the CTE Course Flyer to the right. And for more detailed course descriptions, please see the Course Catalog.

For more information on our CTE Pathways, please contact Kellee Shearer, District Career Counseling Coordinator, at 949-497-7700, ex. 5327 or Ann Bergen, LBHS College and Career Specialist, at 949-497-7750, ex. 1397 or at the dedicated CCC web page.

First page of the PDF file: LBHSCTECourseOfferings
First page of the PDF file: 20-21LBHSCTEBrochure
First page of the PDF file: LBUSDSectorPathwaysFlyer
AP Computer Science Principles Dance II 3D Media Design
AP Computer Science A Dance III Theater 1
App Development Dance IV Theater Performance
Art Production II Dance Company Theater 2
AP Studio Art 2D Design Multimedia Production Musical Theater
AP Studio Art Drawing Multimedia Design Honors Medical Core Honors
Art Entrepreneurship Multimedia Design Advanced Medical/Hospital Careers

For more detailed course descriptions, see the Course Catalog


Bridget Beaudry-Porter

Bridget Beaudry-Porter

Art Entrepreneurship
Art Production I
Art Production II
AP 2D Art & Design & AP Drawing

Rachel de Leon

Rachel de Leon

Medical Core Honors
Medical/Hospital Careers

Celena del Pizzo Howell

Celena del Pizzo Howell

Theater II
Drama Production
Carrie Denton

Carrie Denton

Marine Ecology
AP Computer Science A
AP Computer Science Principles
Estee Fratzke

Estee Fratzke

Dance I-IV
Dance Company
Scott Wittkop

Scott Wittkop

Multimedia Design
3-D Media Design
Multimedia Production
Boys Cross Country
Boys Track