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Connie Byrnes

Connie Byrnes

District Office Assistant IV
Flora Bahadoran Feiz

Flora Bahadoran Feiz

Attendance Specialist

Welcome to the Attendance Office.  In order to be accurately accountable for every LBHS student, we strive to consistently adhere to the Education Code and attendance policies set forth in the LBHS Student Handbook. Please refer to the following policies when your child must miss any part of his or her school day.

Full Day Absences

Contacting the Attendance Office
Please email: within 72 HOURS regarding a student's absence. Failure to do so will result in an Unexcused Absence. Absences exceeding three (3) consecutive days will REQUIRE documentation.

Excused Absences
Excused absences include illness, medical appointments, funeral (immediate family member), court appearance, pre-approved extended absence or other extenuating circumstances.

Unexcused Absences
Unexcused absences include vacation, oversleeping, out-of-town visitors, missed bus, wedding, out of gas, traffic citation, child care or other personal/business reasons.

Students Needing to Leave School Early

Contacting the Attendance Office
When it becomes necessary for a student to leave campus for an appointment, you may choose ONE of the following options to properly notify the Attendance Office:

  • Email: (preferred form of correspondence): Please email with the following information
    • Student’s Name
    • Grade
    • Time student needs to leave campus
    • Reason for leaving
    • Time returning to school
  • Written Note: Have your student bring a note, with the information listed above, from a parent/guardian to the Attendance Office in the morning.

Once the above has been received by the Attendance Office: 

  • A call slip is created for your student’s teacher, the teacher will then release the student at the appropriate time.
  • Your student will then come to the Attendance Office to sign out and receive an Off-Campus Pass. Students who fail to obtain an Off-Campus Pass prior to leaving campus will result in a TRUANCY.
  • The Attendance Office will not telephone into a classroom directly, to release a student, as we are respectful of instructional time.
  • Finally, when a student is returning back to campus, they are required to come to the Attendance Office, with a doctor’s note, for re-admittance and then be issued a pass back to class.

Students Not Feeling Well
Students who are not feeling well should notify their teacher and request a pass to the Health Office. The Health Clerk will determine whether or not the student’s parent/guardian should be called requesting that the student be picked up or released to go home. Students should NOT call their parent/guardian from the classroom, as this is a cell phone violation. Students MUST check out through BOTH the Health Office, as well as the Attendance Office (failure to do so will result in a TRUANCY). Students who are not feeling well during Break or Lunch should come directly to the Health Office.

Request for Extended Absence (1 to 3 days)

Students must obtain an Extended Absence Form from Attendance if they know they are going to be absent from school for any reason other than illness, including college visits.

Request for Short Term Independent Study (4 to 16 days)

Parent or Guardian must contact one of the Assistant Principals and request a contract for Independent Study (4-16 days). Contact Dale Miller for students with the last names beginning with A - L and Brian Carlson for last names beginning with M - Z.

Absences for 18-Year Old Students

For those students who are 18-years old, please note that a Change Request to Verify Personal Absences for 18-Year Old Students form must be filled out by the student, parent/guardian, Registrar and LBHS Administration before the privilege is put into effect. NOTE: Students with a record of excessive absences and/or tardies prior to turning 18 will NOT be granted this privilege. 

This privilege can be withdrawn by the parent/guardian or school administration at any time, if this privilege is being abused.